Where are they now… Live Your Dream Award Winners Update

Live Your Dream (LYD) recipients are tenacious survivors who have overcome huge odds to become independent and financially empowered. Their LYD awards are designed to keep them on their path toward completion of their BA or technical training programs.

All are single moms (or were when they received their awards) with young children. As part of our Beyond the Cash Award program, our club members, Alison McClure and Susan Steely, created a Holiday Giving Event. It’s asking members, their friends and clients to “play Santa” to the children of our 2021 and 2022 LYD winners. The LYD moms are providing wish lists and Steely is sharing them with members, friends and clients who are shopping till they drop to make those wishes come true.

Meanwhile, our six 2021 and 2022 winners are continuing their journeys. Here’s where they are now:

I had a really good year last year and was about to complete all of my prerequisites for the nursing program. Unfortunately my number wasn’t selected from the lottery, so I came up with a new plan and I finished the prerequisites for the dental hygiene program.

I’m on the waitlist but it’s going to be 2-3 years until it’s my turn. Since I have a wait for both programs, I decided to take the last couple classes I needed at Cabrillo to be eligible to transfer to a 4-year university. 

I was planning to do that in this semester, but I ended up getting pregnant with twins and had some complications with my pregnancy so I’m having to take time off school until after the babies are born. 

I did, however, get married last weekend. Things are mostly good but, I’ve just had a hard time with my health and having to postpone my educational goals. My son, Domi, is doing great and just turned 4.   –PC

I graduated from SJSU in August and am happy to report that I am now a registered nurse! I work as a surgical nurse at an elective ambulatory surgical facility. This is the beginning of my nursing career and I am so excited to see where my path leads.

My kids are Ijah (age 6, like the end of “Elijah”) and Ashlyn (age 4). In terms of a wishlist, that is so kind of you to help out! I will have to think about that and ask them as well. Otherwise gift cards are always easy and awesome. –CP

To fill you in on my last year, my hair career severely took off after 8 years in the industry and I had to make the decision that school will always be there. As a result, I signed the lease to my own private hair studio and got my first 2-bedroom apartment in Capitola.

I’m stressed of course—it’s difficult being a single + working mom—but all my hard work is really starting to pay off. I’ve had to move three times this year and acquire a homes worth of furniture, but I can pay my bills for the very first time.

As the holidays have been approaching, I’ve been nervous, so my heart was filled with gratitude to see your email. My son’s name is Elias and he’s 4. And again, I’m incredibly grateful to be thought of this holiday season. –PS

School is great! I am currently in my bachelors program and I have already completed 4 courses in about 6weeks! I am attending WGU which is completely online and I can work at my own pace (which is accelerated for me 😊). I have 24 classes left and I am so excited to watch my graduation day get closer and closer!

Mason is 7 years old and he has already made his list for Santa! –GM

I’m on my last semester at Cabrillo with only a couple weeks left to go! I applied for an associates in psychology degree.  –MD

Winning the live your dream award has completely changed my life for the better. When I meet the LYD award ladies I was homeless & struggling to stay on track with my studies & struggling to make it to work everyday. Since winning the award I have my own place , I have one more year left to complete my schooling & I am the happiest I ever been with my kids❤️ Winning the award helped me get thru financial hardships I was experiencing & it also gave me that push I needed to start my new life & for that I am forever grateful. –SS